A comedy about depression.

Greta is a young adult starting her life in New York City. Armed with self-loathing, hopelessness and existential dread, it seems the big city isn’t as difficult to navigate as her own brain. In this short film, director Sparkman Clark explores the darkness of mental illness with the lightness of humor.

“The experiences Greta has are objectively hilarious, but they are also something everyone who has experienced depression can relate to. Mental illness can be difficult for people to talk about or recognize - it’s something that a lot of us have a wall built around. Humor is my way of starting a dialogue about it.

Overall I want to show that depression is human. It is an illness, not a choice. And if you are suffering from depression, you are not alone, you are not broken and the light inside of you is still there. Even though you cannot see it, it is always there.”

Greta had it’s New York City premiere at Big Apple Film Festival in 2019. It then went on to become a finalist for the prestigious IRIS Prize in Cardiff, Wales, where it ultimately took home the 2019 Diva Box Office Award.

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Music Video

Sparkman filmed and directed the first music video for Greg Oliveras, a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. He recorded all instruments on his debut album, “Envision A World," and currently plays with the alternative rock band Eversōl.

The Well is about the struggle to fill a void left by a lost love. Diving into my passion was the only thing that seemed to help, so Sparkman helped me tell that story.

- Greg Oliveras